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Charity 101 - Choose the Best & Avoid Scams

Giving to others in need seems to be a natural impulse the world over. Many of us enjoy giving to causes, programs or research that we agree with and believe in; however, sometimes we are caught unaware and are asked to give by volunteers. We may love the idea of the cause but know little about the organization. Or we may like the idea, but prefer it were handled differently. So where do you go to find the best fitting charity and how do you determine if they are legitimate? Below we have compiled some things to consider when choosing a charity, such as when to give, how to avoid scams, and other ways to give to the community rather than a cash donation.

Charity 101: How to choose the best and avoid scams.

Before you Give

When You Give

Be aware of scams in your state! In many states, the Attorney General's Office provides information about charities from how to register and requirements to alerts concerning local scams. However, every state is different. Please see the National Association of State Charity Officials' website for a list of contacts in your state.

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Signs of a Scam

Other Ways to Give

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