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Post: 8/28/2013
Title: Internet Ratings are starting for Attorneys.

         Everywhere individuals go on the Internet, ratings are starting to appear. Many years ago, before Internet ratings were just for movies, theater events, musical performances, and books, some paper directories provided encrypted ratings - but nothing was specific for the general public. Within the last decade, ratings began appearing on the Internet for products you could buy on eBay or Once this happened, individuals became comfortable with basing their purchasing decisions on the product ratings they viewed posted by consumers such as themselves. In recent years, rating systems have been incorporated into almost every website for almost every product & service and almost every profession. Whether you are employed in the field of construction, maintenance, medicine, or even in the service industry, your organization can now be rated and it can have adverse effects.

         Since ratings have become so prolific and have branched out into every profession, including attorneys, it is important for individuals in the professional service industry to be aware of how their name and organization appears on the Internet. Pandora's box is opened and we will not be returning to the past where individual services were not yet rated. So to be proactive in protecting your reputation on the Internet, organizations and professionals, such as attorneys, should actually participate in ratings themselves to highlight their strengths rather than being subject to the spitefulness of an unreasonable client or a vicious attack from a hidden competitor portraying them in a bad light.

         The best defense is a good offense - so take advantage of a rating service that allows direct input from your law firm into what is being said about you.